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Restaurants and bars within the Vera Playa naturist zone

The restaurants and bars listed and described in the first section this page are located within the Vera Playa naturist zone and are off the beach. 
(There is a separate page which lists and describes Vera Playa nudist beach bars ) Some of the non-beach restaurants described below allow naturism but mainly in the daytime only. Oo-la-la is the only one where it is normal to find as many, if not more, tables occupied by naked people than dressed ones. Elsewhere it is the normal custom and practice for guests to be dressed at the tables and certainly for dinner.

Benito’s restaurant - Vera Playa naturist resort

Benito’s or La Alcazaba

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: Seven to eight minutes gentle stroll.

Everyone calls this popular bar Benito’s but it is actually named La Alcazaba. Located next to the Vera Playa Club Hotel at the beach end of the hotel’s access road, Benito’s is one of the oldest bars in Vera Playa. For years it was famed for dishing up gigantic portions at ridiculously cheap prices. These days it is more of a bar than a restaurant although it still offers a small menu of cooked food. The prices remain absurdly low and although portions are still generous, one no longer needs to have the appetite of a horse to clear a plate.

These changes have not reduced the bar’s popularity and during the high season it is unusual to find a night when there are many seats left untaken after 9pm. The generosity reflected in meal prices is more than matched by the cost of drinks. Be careful; it is all too easy to drink more alcohol than you intended at Benito’s. A bottle of wine with a meal can often be supplemented by on-the-house tipples and a flask of the home-made sangria usually tastes like it has been made with as much spirit as red wine! Enormous and thoroughly delicious Irish coffees also seem to contain more shots of alcohol than you would get anywhere else but even after drinking one of these, you are still likely to be given an on-the-house brandy or liqueur.

Benito and his staff always make everyone welcome and they remember their many customers who return every year. There is pleasant kind of eccentricity about them. Where else, for example, would a waiter do your bill by asking you what you have had and happily trust you to honestly include everything?

Benito’s is a naturist friendly bar although only a few people actually attend nude and then only during daytime hours.

La Buena Mesa (The Good Table)

La Buena Mesa is located  next door to Benitos. It is fair to say that it is one of the less popular restarants in Vera Playa. We have enjoyed some very good evenings here but every now and then experienced a somewhat disappointing one.

The dress code at La Buena Mesa is textile only.

La Buena Mesa is located in the Vera Playa naturist zone
The cafeteria Jardin - Vera Playa

Cafeteria Jardin

Cafeteria Jardin is a pizzeria and snack bar just up from La Buena Messa. It serves a good selection of reasonably priced pizzas, pasta, salads and other dishes. Although some of the pizzas can be a little light on ingredients, they are usually good value for money. The staff are always welcoming and eager to please and we have spent entire evenings here enjoying the atmosphere as well as some good beers and wines. The cafeteria is especially popular with Spanish holiday makers staying in or around Vera Playa but it is not a naturist-friendly bar.

Casa Conchita

There is small and relatively new bar next door to Cafeteria Jardin that is one of the few Vera Playa restaurants we have yet to try. It looks quite enticing and serves mainly Spanish food. We will definitely try it soon and update this web site with our findings!

Small restaurant-bar in Vera Playa naturist resort
The Blue Parrot is a popular restaurant located in the Vera Playa naturist zone

Blue Parrot

Distance from our Vera Playa naturist holiday accommodation: Six to seven minutes gentle stroll

Blue Parrot is the last of the restaurants and bars on this side of the road. It is a large building that straddles the corner of the roundabout where the hotel access road (“Hotel Street”) joins the Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona. The restaurant is particularly popular with the Brits whether they are holiday makers or Vera Playa residents. Its size and position makes it a very suitable venue for live music and pub quiz nights etc.

The cuisine is typically English pub food but at half the price Brits are likely pay at their locals, back home. Service is good and the owners are an English couple who are always willing to share their experience and knowledge of Vera Playa with anyone who wants information about the resort.

The biggest downside to the Blue parrot is that it has a rather unattractive and shabby appearance. It could definitely benefit from a good makeover with some imaginative ideas going into creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

The Blue Parrot does not allow naturism at its tables or bar.


Broadway is a small bar at the hotel end of “Hotel Street” on the opposite side to Benito’s. It has a relaxing ambiance and plays music that seems to please just about everyone. The bar does not allowed naturism on the premises.

Broadway Bar - Vera Playa


Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: Six to seven minutes gentle stroll

Koa is an attractive bar and restaurant on the roundabout where “Hotel Street” meets Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona. It is one of Vera Playa’s newer restaurants and seems to tolerate full naturism during daytime hours but is textile-only in the evenings.

Koa’s menu has several dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the area and there is a generally “upmarket” feel to the place. This is slightly reflected in the price but only relatively because dining at the other nearby restaurants is so cheap.

Koa is a great spot for live music. Here is Anglo/Spanish rock band “Letsi” playing the Bob Dylan classic, All Along the Watchtower in Jimi Hendrix style.

Bar la Reva

Bar la Reva is located in Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona, just before the roundabout. It takes us between six and seven minutes to walk there from our Vera Playa naturist holiday home.

The restaurant is owned by an extremely pleasant and friendly English couple who moved to Vera Playa a few years ago. Their staff are fantastic too and always seem to remember the names and faces of guests, even those who are not regulars.

Bar la Reva serves home cooked food which is always good value for money. The menu usually includes three fabulous chicken dishes, a mouth watering steak and ale pie; an enormous battered cod and chips, a delicious swordfish dish, steaks, chilli con carne, pork and lasagne. The sweets are very good too. Our favourites are the delicious sticky toffee pudding and banoffee pie.

Bar la Reva is very popular and gets busy most by 8.30pm most evenings. It is a good idea to book a table if you want to eat at peak time during the main holiday months, especially when they have organised live entertainment.

The establishment is naturist friendly for drinking at outside tables but guests are expected to dress for dining.

Bar La Reva is the most popular restaurant in the Vera Playa naturist zone
La Marea - Vera Playa

La Marea

Next door to Bar La Reva on the Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona is a small restaurant bar named La Marea. For many years it was called, El Balconcito and you will probably meet people who still refer to it by this name.

La Marea offers Spanish dishes and is yet to establish itself with non-Spanish holiday makers or the wider community. It appears to accept naturism.

Frankie’s Bar

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: six minutes walk.

Frankie’s bar has the sort of English pub atmosphere that is ideal for enjoying a beer with a pie and chips whilst watching football and cheering on your favourite premier team. It is very popular with British, Vera Playa residents and regular holiday makers who enjoy a get together with some singing and dancing. The pub-grub meals are good value for money with a good choice of beers and ciders to be had. Karaoke, live music and other entertainment are regularly featured.

Frankie’s is a must-go-to if you enjoy typical “British-Ex-Pat” bars and are adept at making new friends in this sort of place. Others might describe it as cliquey and find it difficult to understand why some Brits abroad feel the need for enclaves of this sort.

Frankie’s is a naturist friendly bar at all times.

Located in the Vera Playa naturist zine, Frankies Bar is a popular Brit bar & restaurant
Taj Mahal - Vera Playa naturist zone Indian restaurant

Taj Mahal

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: six minutes stroll.

Although there are other Indian restaurants in Vera Playa, the Taj Mahal is the only one in the naturist zone. It is located next-door-but-one to the “British-Ex-Pat” bar. Despite the irony of this situation, we have not seen much evidence of “Out of the pub and into the Indian” taking place.

The Taj Mahal is a well run establishment with friendly staff, serving a typical range of Bengali dishes. It is very popular and even attracts people from outside of the Vera Playa on a regular basis.

Oo La La

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: Three minutes walk

This ambient little bar / restaurant is a few minute’s walk from the beach but it is very popular with naturists in the evenings. It’s sheltered position makes eating and drinking outside without clothes a warm and enjoyable experience until late during most summer nights and even some spring and autumn ones as well.

24/7 nude dining at Oo La La, Vera Playa

Restaurants and bars outside of but close to the naturist zone

Mayo de 2004 Vera Playa

Mayo 2004

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: 10 minutes leisurely walk.

Mayo 2004 is situated in Vera Playa on Calle Totuga Beba which is a continuation of Avenida Ciudad de Alicante. Over the years, we have enjoyed some good evenings at the restaurant, especially on nights that featured live music. The food was always adequate rather than exceptional but service has always been friendly if a little slow at times.

It has been a couple of years since we last went to Mayo and it is looking in need of a makeover. Less people are going there than used to but that may be because several new restaurants have recently opened nearby. Mayo’s menu consists of mainly Italian dishes cooked with a traditional Spanish twist.

Bodeguito del Medio

The Bodeguito del Medio is next door to Mayo 2004. It’s comfortable sofa type furniture makes it a relaxing place to stop for a drink after doing some shopping at the nearby supermarket. It is also a nice place to enjoy an evening meal. Service can be very slow and some of the dishes seem a little pricey for what they are.

Most of the reviews of this Vera Playa restaurant found on Tripadvisor are decidedly positive ones.


Distance from our Vera Plays naturist holiday accommodation: 10 minutes leisurely walk.

Cachica’s owner moved to this new location on Avenida Ciudad de Alicante in 2018. Previously, her restaurant was located in the premises now occupied by La Marea on the Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona and operated under the name, La Balconcito. The menu of typical Spanish cuisine has not changed very much since the move but prices seem to have risen slightly. It seems to have lost some of its charm in its new location and we were a little disappointed by the food.


Lua is located on the corner of the roundabout where Avenida Ciudad de Valencia joins the AL-7107 which is the main road through Vera Playa. It takes us about 11 minutes to walk there at a leisurely rate from our naturist holiday accommodation.

The restaurant is probably the classiest restaurant in Vera Playa, making it one where both holiday makers and residents of the naturist zone and surrounding area go for a “Special Night” out.

Both interior and exterior are elegantly designed, giving the restaurant a relaxing and exotic atmosphere. This is matched by the choices of dishes on the menu. Prices also match but portions are generous and few people would grumble about paying extra for a meal at somewhere as nice as this.

Lua is the Vera Playa restaurant for a special night out

Other Bars and Restaurants in the Plaza Area

There are a few other new bars, restaurants and take-aways on the Parque Comercial en Vera Playa (or Vera Plaza for short!) This is a new area, bounded by Avenida Ciudad de Alicante and Avenida Ciudad de Valencia, approximately 10-11 minutes walk from our holiday accommodation.

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