Vera Playa - Clubs

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Vera Playa Club Scene

The Vera Playa club scene attracts many gay naturists every year.  Several clubs  are located within the Vera Playa naturist zone, mainly in “Hotel Street.”  For swingers visiting or holidaying in the area of Vera Playa naturist resort there is also a swingers club located in “Hotel Street”.

Coco Music a cool place in the Vera Playa club scene

Coco Music

Coco Music is a gay bar that attracts mainly Spanish guests. It rarely opens before 11pm but looks inviting and is said to serve the best Mojitos in Vera Playa.  Coco Music is one of the newer examples of the Vera Playa club scene. It is located within the Vera Playa naturist zone, next door to Broadway bar and will take you 7 or 8 minutes to walk there from our Vera Playa naturist holiday home.

Tabu and Casa Blanca

Tabu and Casa Blanca are two gay clubs adjoining each other and next to Coco Music in “Hotel Street”. Around 7 minutes walk from our naturist holiday home.

Tabu is said to have one of the best “Party Atmospheres” of the Vera Playa club scene. It is always full of really friendly people from both the LGBT and straight community.

Vera Cruising Club

Vera Cruising Club is the gay men’s club of Vera Playa naturist zone. It is a very large building that consists of a bar, dance area, a dark room with booths, and a discreet terrace where smokers can go to light up.

The club features drag shows, DJs and electronic music. It is located on the roundabout where “Hotel Street” joins the Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona.

Not for the faint hearted but a well established member of the Vera Playa Club scene.


The Vera Playa club scene also includes a swingers club, named Templum.  It is located on the roundabout where “Hotel Street” joins the Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona and is about 7 minutes stroll from our naturist holiday accommodation.

The presence of a swingers club at Vera Playa naturist resort is not at all obvious and unlike Cap D’age and some Caribbean swinger resorts, the activities which take place within its walls never spill over into other parts of the resort. It opens on Saturday nights at 11pm.

Naturist swingers are always welcome at Templum. If you are interested in attending, you can find out more at the club’s  website.  The site is in Spanish so you will need to use Google Translate if you are unable to read Spanish.

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