Shops within or close to the Vera Playa Naturist Zone

Vera Playa Naturist Shops

There are two shops inside of the Vera Playa naturist zone. Both are located on “Hotel Street” about 7-8 minute’s leisurely walk from our holiday accommodation.

On the side shared by the clubs, you will find a small to medium sized supermarket selling all grocery essentials and drinks.

Vera Playa naturist zone shops are next door and opposite

On the opposite side of the street, next to Cafeteria Jardin, there is a delightful little shop named Bambara. It sells a wide range of local and unusual giftware as well as useful holiday items like hats, towels, sarongs and beach shoes.

Although both of these shops are located within the Vera Playa naturist zone, they expect naturists to cover up before entering.

Nearby shops outside of the Vera Playa Naturist Zone

Merca China sells just about everything and is located just outside of Vera Playa naturist resort

Merca China

Merca China is a “we sell everything store” that is amazingly cheap. It is fair to say that some items reflect this cheapness in their quality but this is by no means always the case. If you need anything from a sun-hat to a USB cable, pay Merca China a visit. It is located on the Parque Comercial en Vera Playa (or Vera Plaza for short!)

Bike hire and ride nude in Vera Playa naturist zone

Vera Bike Shop

Biking is very popular with holidaymakers and residents, especially during the cooler months. The Vera bike shop’s location on the Plaza makes it easy for people holidaying in the naturist zone to hire bicycles without having to drive and worry about getting the bicycle back in a car.

Glamour wear for the Vera Playa naturist club scene

Glamour and Erotic Love Shop

This exotic and erotic clothes and costumes shop was originally located within the naturist zone and focused almost entirely on the sales of erotic outfits for the LGBT community and swingers. Its new store on the Plaza has a much wider appeal and includes many really good quality items to suit every taste.

Consum is located just outside of the Vera Playa naturist resort


Consum is located just past the roundabout junction of AL-7107 and Avenida Ciudad de Valencia. It is about a 10 minute walk or a 4 minute drive from our naturist holiday home and is the nearest, full-size supermarket to Vera Playa naturist zone.


For guests without cars or those preferring to walk, we have a shopping trolley – similar to the one pictured here – available for you to use. It has a capacity that is large enough for a week’s shopping for two people, eating in most of the time.

We enjoy shopping in the local Consum supermarket and find it almost as good for food shopping as a big Tesco superstore in the U.K. Even with the poor Euro exchange rate that was prevalent during the worst of the “Brexit” uncertainties, the price of most grocery items was considerably less than in England. We are occasionally disappointed at learning that something or other is not stocked but that is usually compensated by discovering Spanish delights that would not be available in England.

Other Major Supermarkets

There are other good supermarkets in the area and they tend to be slightly cheaper than Consum. However they are well outside of the Vera Playa naturist zone you will need to drive to them and in our opinion the small advantage gained in shopping prices is outweighed by the motoring costs.

The nearest is a branch of the Spanish supermarket chain, Mercadona. It is a large and fairly new shop, located some 8 minutes drive away. There is also an older branch located in Garrucha. This will take you around 10 minutes to reach by car.

If you are a fan of the Lidl supermarket chain, there is a very good branch in Vera about 15 minute’s drive away from Vera Playa naturist zone.

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