Vera Playa - Beach Bars

Our Spanish naturist holiday home provides the perfect accommodation for nude relaxation all the year round

Nudist beach bars (or chiringuitos)

There are at least five fully nudist chiringuitos (beach bars) for you to enjoy during your stay in Vera Playa.

Paso Doble - nudist beach bar

Paso Doble

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: 350 metres

If you stay at our naturist holiday accommodation and take the shortest route down to the nudist beach, you will pass by one of the nudist beach bars, the Paso Doble. It is just off the beach up a path which connects to Calle Lerida. You might find that passing by it on the way back to the house is more difficult, especially if it’s lunch time! Seeing the nudists sitting there with delicious looking drinks and tapas may just prove too much of temptation for you. The pergola with its spread of bougainvillea, the rockery, cacti and sheltered greenery of this idyllic little spot contrasts perfectly with the scenery of beach and sea a few metres around the corner. Service is good, there is usually a good selection of lunchtime dishes and the beer is served deliciously cold. Paso Doble has also become popular for dinners in recent years. Its Paella is especially recommended.

Chiringuito Natsun

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: 450 metres.

Many of the residents and regular naturist holiday makers refer to this popular nudist beach bar and restaurant as “Tiggers”. The chiringuito is now let to Ina, who was the senior waitress for many years. Consequently, you may also hear the bar referred to as “Ina’s”.

During the “Tiggers” era the popularity of this idyllic naturist chiringuito was enhanced by a charismatic character named Jean-Claude who was head of entertainment, barman and waiter. He is affectionately remembered by many residents and returning visitors. His sad and untimely death in 2013 has been commemorated by plaques, an ornate stone seat and a street named in his honour.

Nudist beach bar
The nudist beach bar named the Pirate Bar

The Pirate Bar

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: Four minutes walk by road or Seven minutes via the beach.

Also known as Chiringuito Cota Zero, this delightful and very popular nudist beach bar has an ambience that makes it feel like a Caribbean hideaway. It serves delicious local cuisine, superbly chilled beer, really good coffee and offers a view to die for. The staff are friendly and welcoming to everyone even though they are kept extremely busy for most of the time.

It is conveniently situated on the nudist beach with the sea a few metres in front of it and the beach access road and parking area a similar distance away at the rear. In addition to the Pirate Bar’s seating for food and drinks, the establishment provides twenty or so comfortable sun-beds which are laid out on the beach for hire.

It will take you around seven minutes to walk to the Pirate Bar from our naturist holiday accommodation. There is absolutely no need to take or wear any clothes – most people will dine there fully nude – just remember to bring your towel to sit on. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable wearing something you won’t be the only one and nobody takes any notice either way. We recommend the Pirate bar as the perfect place to end up for a cold beer after a hard day of sunbathing on the beach just before the sun goes down.

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Vera Natura Chiringuito – nudist beach bar and restaurant

Distance from our naturist holiday accommodation: Four minutes walk by road or Seven – Eight minutes via the beach.

At the foot of the main access road (Av. Ciudad de Castellón) to the Vera Playa naturist beach, you will find the largest of the resort’s nudist beach bars. Its original name was Sol y Luna and many residents and regular holiday-makers still refer to it by that name. However, quite a few years back the name was changed to Vera Natura Chiringuito. It offers a range of good bar food and is popular with naturists throughout the day and evening.

The larget nudist beach bar - Vera Natura Chiringuito
A small but popular nudist beach bar

Caña de España Chiringuito

Just a few metres south of the large, Vera Natura Chiringuito, you will find another popular nudist beach bar. Caña de España Chiringuito is a small wooden construction that is very popular for drinks in the late afternoons and early evenings.

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