A Typical Day on the Naturist Beach

A typical naturist beach day starts with breakfast on the sunny patio. Then it’s time to put something on – factor fifty sun-cream and flip-flops!

Even naturists have some essentials they need to carry around. Towels, beach chairs, sun hats, a bottle of water, sun cream, keys, a purse and a bag are sufficient for our needs. Our favourite beach spot is only a six minute stroll away, so that’s not a lot to carry. We often see other naturists taking much more. Some seem happy to take just about everything except their kitchen sink.

Naturism is accepted on all the streets in the naturist zone

We leave the house by the front door and turn right onto the street outside. If you are new to naturism or have only experienced it on naturist beaches, walking naked along a public road might feel strange to you at first. But you’ll get used to it very quickly. Naturism is perfectly acceptable on all of the streets in the Vera Playa naturist zone and you will meet plenty of other naturists as you make your way to the beach

Our favourite beach spot - 750 metres naturist walk from our house

The route takes you along three short streets and through a pleasant path that opens onto the beach beside Chiringuito Natsun. As we pass the bar at ten o’clock in the morning we notice that there already a number of naturists at the tables, some of whom are enjoying beers and wine. This is not an unusual practice -although not one we have indulged in personally !

Turning left along the beach we pass a popular spot where sun beds are available for hire then continue for another three to four hundred metres to a section of beach we call the “Hotel Beach”. This is because part of it is backed by the 4 star, Vera Playa Club Hotel.

We choose our spot for today in a fairly empty bit of beach, some fifty metres or more before the hotel sun bed area begins. To reach this spot, we have walked a total of 750 metres from our naturist holiday accommodation. We open our two beach chairs, turn them to face the sea at an angle to follow the path of the sun and spread our towels over them. We fish our two Kindles and sun hats from the bag and settle down for to read.

People watching

A constant stream of people passes along the shoreline, a few metres from where we are sitting. Sometimes they go unnoticed and sometimes one or the other of us will look up from our reading to spend a few moments “people watching”. We enjoy this voyeuristic sounding pursuit immensely and are soon entertained by a woman who seems to think that the person on the other end of her incessant mobile phone monologue can somehow see her exaggerated hand and arm movements. The conversation is still continuing in the same way five minutes later after she has turned around and is again passing us. We wonder whether the person on the other end is still there.

A few Kindle pages later and we are people watching again. This time a couple are passing by engaged in a noisy argument about something. They are closely followed by the only non-naturist we have seen so far today. Her gigantic, orange swim suit looks more suited to a 1950’s public swimming pool but she is clearly happy and not in the least self-conscious amongst the naturists.

One of the nicest things about Vera Playa is this atmosphere of harmonic co-existence between even the most traditional locals and naturists from far and abroad.

Our people-watching highlight comes later. A woman struggling to adjust her plastic sun bed somehow causes it to close up on her and topple over. Her partner finds her struggles to extricate herself from the trap so hilarious that he is of little help to her. We are also in stitches and have to bury our faces in our Kindles and suppress our laughter.

Time for a swim

But now the sun is higher and the light morning breeze has completely stilled. The calm, dazzling sea beckons and we decide to cool off with our first swim of the day. The water is amazingly warm for mid-October and I swim out, counting strokes until I reach one hundred. Turning around, the shoreline looks a long way off but the sea is safe here and the light currents always seem to assist the swim back to shore.

When we come out of the water we have no need to dry ourselves. Even at this time of the year the sun is perfectly adequate to keep a wet body warm long enough for it to dry. So it’s back to the Kindles for half an hour or so before we take a walk along the beach.

naturist beach in the early morning sun
Time for a beach walk

We head for the northern end of the beach where the naturist zone officially ends and Palomares beach begins. It is a distance of nearly half a kilometre from our beach chairs. In the busier months of the summer, textiles outnumber naturists for the last 200 metres of the naturist zone but today, even the far end of the naturist zone is occupied mainly by naturists. There are dozens of camper vans parked at the back of Palomares beach and although this is designated as being a non-naturist beach, we can see naked bodies there also. Although it is perfectly legal in Spanish law to be naked in public anywhere, it would be quite unusual to find any naturists outside of the naturist zone in the high season.

What to do for lunch

By the time we return to our chairs, it’s nearly two o’clock and the beach has emptied considerably. It will soon be siesta time for the Spanish and some will have retired to their homes for the remainder of the afternoon. Others, along with many of the non-Spanish naturists, will have headed for lunch at one of chiringuitos. We spend the next few minutes trying to decide where to have our own lunch. Most days we return to our holiday home to enjoy a salad lunch out on the garden table. Today, we consider the choice offered at three of the chiringuitos instead.

Both Chiringuito Natsun and Paso Doble are nearby and on our most direct route back home. On the other hand, we haven’t eaten at Vera Natura Chiringuito this year and it would make a pleasant beach walk to go there. These are the kind of taxing decisions you are faced with during a typical day on Vera Playa naturist beach.